We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs whose primary goal is to establish better healthcare in areas of need. We are not youngsters, we have a track-record of international sales, marketing and projectmanagement. We wish to allocate our skills and experience for “the better cause”.


You can engage with CliniTrade for a two key reasons:


  1. As a manufacturer of healthcare products you wish to connect new markets;
  2. As a distributor, regional trade or retail organization you wish to put new healthcare products on your shelves.


Our clients value us for our transparant four-tier project approach:



Market research & Go to Market strategy

For every client we first deliver a tailor-made projectplan. Key is your business goal, which we capture in a short plan with timelines and budgets. Then we start with market research and emphasize on connecting your goals to relevant parties.



Proof of Concept

In our Proof of Concept we start doing site visits together with you and explore possibilities of a pilot project. We actively manage any pilots you may wish to carry out.



Business Case

After evaluation, we create a mutual beneficial business case. This means we connect all parties concerned in Service Level Agreements and Terms and Conditions.



Your benefit

CliniTrade offers optimal value for money: our management and projectmanagement fees are far more attractive than if you set-up a Marketing and Sales organization yourself.


If you wish to discuss a business opportunity with us, please fill in our contact form below.